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Brainpower & memory loss – a way out!

How often have you heard someone complaining about memory loss?

This is your chance to improve your memory and gain some brainpower:

How about cocoa & memory loss?

Cocoa is an excellent source of many functional ingredients: flavonoids, caffeine and theobromine. All of them exert neuroprotective effects and increase cerebral blood flow, resulting in better cerebrovascular communication. Cocoa also helps to improve blood pressure and insulin resistance. Studies suggest that regular cocoa flavanols intake may protect human cognition, particularly in aged populations. Choose dark chocolate (>60%) or dark cacao powder and enjoy probably the tastiest natural food-drug around. You better watch out not to become too chocoholic

Omega 3 Fatty Acids & your memory!

The positive influence of omega-3 fatty acids is very wide, including a very strong anti-inflammatory effect and positive influence on cardiovascular disease, but Omega 3 Fatty Acids are also essential for our brains. They support the structures of cell membranes, which is especially beneficial for grey matter. Recent studies suggest that omega 3 Fatty Acids may also play an important role in treatment of Alzheimer disease. Get a boost of Omega 3 Fatty Acids with fish oils, plenty of salmon and walnuts.

Sugar & memory loss – a clear linkbrain memory nutrition

Another important aspect is to keep your glucose level on the right track as it influences not only the memory, but also your mood! Never underestimate the power of breakfast, but also remember to not skip meals during the day.

Exercise & brain

Even walking increases oxygen flow to the brain, so no excuses! Keep your brain fit and walk home from work today!

Sleep & brainpower

Sleep is crucial for a good memory and brainpower. Your body can rest while lying down on the couch, but not your brain. Do your memory a favour and go to sleep early tonight! Find out what to do and what to avoid for a good sleep from our previous articles and sleep like a baby tonight!

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