Free Pre-Consultation

During this commitment-free meeting of 45 minutes we introduce ourselves and our general role to you.

We evaluate the value of our professional services for your particular case and

we explain the relevant of our therapeutic process.

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FREE Pre-Consultation
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First Consultation

An in-depth 2-hour consultation to help us establish the basis of your optimal dietary plan.

Using precision state-of-the-art technology, the consultation includes:
• A physical examination
• Analysis of body composition
• Gold standard screening tests
• A review of your family’s history
• An analysis of your lifestyle and usual eating habits

CLICK HERE to read more about our body analysis composition and screening tests.

Second Meeting

In this 1 hour meeting you will receive and we will discuss your comprehensive diet plan tailored accordingly with your individual needs. In order to maximise the effectiveness of your diet plan, we make sure that it will perfectly fit with your life and eating habits.
No matter how busy your life is, or how complicated your schedule is, you will enjoy eating your favourite foods with family and friends, cooking easy recipes and buying from your regular shops.

For every day you will have a different tasty recipe that we will regularly refresh to offer you more varied choices. We will give you specific guidelines including physical activities, list of items to buy, foods to avoid and prefer, and what to eat in a restaurant or at your friend’s house. We will advise how to cook your meals and prepare specific homemade natural remedies to optimize your physical status. Over the year, we will be available by phone or email to mentor and guide you around any questions you might have. Any challenges you may encounter, we will be there to support you. This service includes each change and update that we make to your diet plan.

Follow-up Meetings

To track your progress and assess the impact of treatment, we will perform periodically a check up, re-testing  body analysis composition and screening test if necessary. We will discuss the implications of the results and the strategies to follow.