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“Age doesn’t matter unless you’re cheese”; our latest event

NutriPanda was delighted to participate in one of the meetings of Stewart House Men’s Club at the beautiful Craigmillar Park Church in Edinburgh.

Dr. Gregorio was giving a talk regarding the impact of the right nutritional approach for the elderly.

The title of the talk was “Age doesn’t matter unless you’re cheese”.

We discussed the processes of inflammation and oxidation occurring in the body and the best ways to oppose them. Some tips were proposed to keep warm during the winter time and we introduced the healthy benefits of garlic, cinnamon, vitamins C and D…..

Further, Dr. Gregorio pointed out the importance of maintaining healthy bones as osteoporosis is a very common issue among the elderly.

Happy gut & healthy minds were the last two topics raised during the presentation. The importance of exercise and pro- and pre-biotic therapy was discussed, along with the healthy benefits of dark chocolate.

Thank you very much for a warm welcome and an amazing atmosphere!

What people say….
“…thank you for a most interesting and entertaining talk last Friday. In meeting some of our members since Friday I know that they are still talking about many of the points you raised even though the main thrust centres on ‘cheese and red wine’…” SD

Come and learn how to improve cognitive functions by food at our next talk:

Don’t Drain your Brain, just feed it! on Thursday, November 23rd at 6 PM 

Hope to see you there,

edinburgh nutrition Team

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