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At Nutripanda we provide more than expert consultations, we also offer opportunities to debate topical dietary issues and to learn and share new cooking ideas and techniques in the relaxed company of our team and other clients.

We want to develop a culture and community united in a common understanding that good food creates a great quality of life. Whether you are a current, past or perhaps a possible future client, you are always welcome at our events.

Next Talk: Sugar Friend or Foe?

Healthy Sugar… a contradiction in terms? Learn everything you need to know about sugar. What to do and What to Avoid. Arm Yourself with useful scientific information.

Thursday 29 November 2018 at 6pm

Topical & Educational Talks

“The lecture was outstanding on all fronts content compelling and superb delivery… helping the audience to understand the theory and science underpinning the work.”

Professor, University of Durham & Oxford

  • Food & Cancer: Promoter or Killer?
    Thursday Sept 14th; 6pm

    Develop your interest in what you eat, since Science shows many links between diet and cancer.
    The way you preserve, combine and cook your Food might reduce or increase the risks of developing this condition, considered the 21st century plague.

  • Healthy Cooking Time!
    Thursday August 17th, 6pm

    Peeling, cutting, washing, boiling, frying, steaming… are all important determinants that will affect the active compounds and nutrients that you will absorb from your meals. Come to discover what to do in your kitchen, to optimise your well-being with our nutritionist in Edinburgh.

  • Be Happy On A Happy Diet!
    Thursday Oct 19th, 6pm

    All you need is love! But how about chocolate, red wine, grapes, cheese and more?…. Your happiness depends on your diet. Foods and their combination can modulate some neurotransmitters and promote your happiness. Join our talk and be happy!

  • Don’t Drain Your Brain — Feed It!
    Thursday Nov 23rd; 6pm

    The pharmacological power of Food can improve the efficiency of your Brain and your Mind as an essential path to the effective care of your memory, attention, reasoning, association, learning, language skills and calculation performance…

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Join Our Healthy Cookery Club

From the shop to the dining room! We will buy ingredients, prepare and cook them together.
The food will always be excellent because it will be fresh and home cooked.
The recipes will be chosen specifically to bring out the best from each ingredient, whilst maximizing the health benefit to all of us.
This group will allow us to share quick easy methods of preparing the best fresh food available seasonally in Edinburgh.
Suddenly keeping a healthy lifestyle becomes so much easier and enjoyable.

1st Monday of every month, starting: 4 September, 2017

Call to Book your place: ☏ +44 (0)131 467 2024

Past Events


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