Holistic Health- A Fitness Plan

Holistic Health – A Fitness Plan

A fitness plan is one of the best ways to boost our health and well-being.  However, before embarking on an exercise regime why not find out which one/s are best suited to your genetic make-up?

Yes indeed! Fitness plans can be tailor-made not just to physical, tangible factors like redistribution of body mass, work/personal timetables or even preference of exercise environment.  Nowadays a non-invasive DNA test can be used to generate a scientifically produced fitness plan.

Nutripanda puts a lot of emphasis on nutritional methods to keep our bodies healthy.  Working with clients on maximising the nutrients their bodies absorb at every meal is a prime goal. However, we have always taken a holisitic attitude to health.  Acutely aware that lifestyle plays a complementary role in well-being, we include a DNA & Fitness Potential Test in the services we offer our clients.

What can your DNA tell you about fitness?  By analysing seven types of genes the test will assess your genetic attributes including muscle power, stamina and ability to recover from injury. This information then feeds into both your exercise regime and also your diet plans to ensure that you are holistically maximising your fitness.

The laboratory report from the saliva test provides:

  • A personalised overall sports and exercise profile
  • Recommendations for the most suitable exercise approach
  • Custom workout for cardio, strength, weight loss or a combination program for a well-rounded workout

To complement the physical fitness plan, Nutripanda can design a diet based on scientific analysis of physique. Both scientific measurements and observation by the expert eye allow the specialist to assess the client. When required a series of other tests are available.  Click here for further information.

A fitness plan for life is at your fingertips.

Book a free pre-consultation where Dr Gregorio will listen to you and your expectations, then explain how Nutripanda and the resources here can boost your well-being.  Nutripanda will give you a fitness plan for a healthy life.

Healthy Regards

edinburgh nutrition Team