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Nutrition affects the Immune System – of this there is no doubt.

Nutripanda’s Dr Gregorio attended the 11th ISIN Conference on Immunonutrition held in London, recently, making sure that Nutripanda is at the forefront of emerging science in this field. The latest evidence-based information from international experts, united in the common aim to benefit their clients by sharing knowledge and experience, was discussed and debated with vigour.

Nutrition & Immune System – key points:

  • Iron levels in your body, mediated by hepcidin and ferroportin, can influence the activation of some specific cells of your immune system (Reference 1).
  • How the immune system can adjust its functionality in the body of a pregnant woman in order to support the pregnancy.
  • Updates regarding the interaction between gut microflora, breastfeeding, weaning, environmental exposure and functionality of the immune system in the new born.

How can salmon help?

The advice for all of us, especially those in Scotland where sunshine comes at a premium (via a flight to The Canaries for example!) is to eat salmon and enjoy the beneficial effects of Vitamin D on immune functionality modulating the activity of T cells, B cells and monocytes (Reference 2).

Fish contains high levels of Omega 3 and in London we learned more molecular details of the effectiveness of Omega 3 in reducing inflammation.

This war against inflammation is so important in fighting chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndromes, pain, neuro-degenerative conditions like Alzheimer , cancer etc…
Surprisingly some data during the conference showed that Omega 6 also is able to regulate the immune system and acts as an anti-inflammatory. This is good news in the nutrition world because a lot of Western food like nuts and seeds, contains high levels of Omega 6, therefore it is easy for us to tailor your diet plan.

…and more from London

There was a long brainstorming discussion about the risk of metal mercury from consumption of contaminated fish in particular during pregnancy and colleagues showed data on a study conducted in The Seychelles. Mercury can influence the ratio between Th1 and Th2 immune cells during pregnancy and alter the homeostasis of the immune system.

If you are a current client or are thinking of becoming a client, all this knowledge and more is at your service.

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