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Lose Weight – Another Amazing Testimonial

Lose Weight – read out latest Testimonial:

‘… To lose weight I asked Nutripanda to help. I was quite fit and undertook lots of exercise but I was getting a bit of a bulging tummy, and despite trying various attempts to lose weight I retained an overall puffiness and very chunky legs, and weight continued to creep on.

I am delighted with my results from Nutripanda over these last 8 months. From the outset Gregorio knew exactly how to help me lose weight and what to do to sort out my dehydrated cells. Within 2 weeks I had lost pounds of excess fluid and looked and felt great. The weight continued to fall off as I followed his healthy eating plan.

Everyone has commented on the change in my weight as I have now lost and maintained over 1 stone in weight.

In summary, my metabolic age reduced from 52 years old, to 38 years old (I am in fact 42 years old), My visceral fat reduced from 6 to 5, and my weight reduced from 11.06 stones, to 10.03 stones (of which the excess fat reduced by a third).

I am continuing to follow a healthy eating maintenance plan and continuing to lose a little more weight.’

Dr Gregorio says:

‘… It is essential for your normal physiological pathway, (Reference 1) to use a dietary approach that will reduce the amount of unhealthy fat in your body at a specific rate, while increasing the amount of total body water and muscle mass.  The mobilisation of your fat too quickly is dangerous because it can increase the risk of cardiovascular conditions and alter the normal homeostasis of your metabolism.  To lose unhealthy fat, therefore, it is important to follow specific guidelines from your health practitioner.

At Nutripanda our approach is to reduce the insulin spikes and avoid the synthesis of new fat in your body.  This is the first line of attack to lose weight.

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