SUGAR – FRIEND OR FOE? ‘Illuminating’ Talk

Sugar – friend or foe? The answer to this question seems logical!  We are bombarded by government propaganda telling us to reduce our sugar intake; obesity is a national epidemic and dentists are tearing their hair out at the state of our children’s teeth.

However there is no doubt that the body needs sugar – all our bodily functions and systems: respiratory, digestive, growth and renewal require energy. Sugar is a must for your red blood cells. On top of those we have to add the daily activities that make up our lifestyle: eating, cleaning, shopping or sports such as tennis, running or swimming. All requiring energy. Where better to get energy than from sugar?

Carbs, fats and sugars are burned to provide energy. Just how do we ensure that the right materials go into the burner to release the type of energy required? Where do we access our fuel and should we use ‘full-bodied’ or ‘slow-release’? How much do we need?  When do we need it?

Depending on what activities the body is going to undertake, different types of energy release are necessary.

Dr Gregorio educated and delighted his audience in equal measure. Talking about sugar was always going to be a ‘sweet’ topic – but learning how to assess and choose the right sugars at the right time and in the right context was a revelation to most of us!!!

Make your brain smile by feeding your gut the right way!

  • No!Nos! highly processed food, long shelf-life, ADDED sugar, juices, smoothies;
  • Yes!Yes! fibre, whole, unpeeled, raw.

Dr Gregorio explained how the body processed different food groups and the positive and negative impact of a variety of energy releasing foods.

‘Illuminating’ was one attendee’s comment! While others went home to reassess their Christmas treats and drinks, others were already at least partly ‘in the know’.  ‘I have been a client for nearly a year, but I am still learning.’ One confided to me as he was leaving.

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Healthy Regards,

edinburgh nutrition Team