Food and Feedback, a Great Diet! – A testimonial on Google

Nutripanda is proud to share with you the latest testimonial on google to the great work being done here.

Mens sana in corpore sano   is a proverb attributed to the Roman poet Juvenal.

And Nutripanda’s Gregorio Torchia devotes his knowledge and energy to exactly this goal. If you have one of the classic diseases of civilisation or a serious condition like obesity, allergies or food intolerances – Dr Torchia will be able to help you change your eating lifestyle and improve your well-being and long-term health.

This google testimonial is the fruit of expertise and hard work undertaken by both the team and the client. The feedback demonstrates how powerful a dietary approach is in improving general well-being, including not only physical health but mental functionality too.

A great testimonial from a grateful client!  Who better to listen to on this subject than someone who has ‘walked the walk’. This client walked into our practice in Edinburgh looking to improve his all round well-being and here we are four weeks later with amazing progress.

It is true that eating well changes not only your physique but also your mindset.  Attitude is half the battle in today’s world of stress and pollution.  Our attitude can make the difference between suffering today or enjoying today.  Our mental health can not only be nurtured but positively affected by what we eat.

Dr Gregorio advises his clients according to each one’s individual needs  which are carefully assessed.  The assessment includes testing and laboratory results. The diets are tailor made to balance the gut health of each client and the progress is charted.  And so, as the testimonial states, a healthy mind in a health body…  by treating the gut we can assist the mind’s functionality.

We want to thank all our clients undertaking this amazing journey with us.

Have a wonderful weekend,

edinburgh nutritionTeam