“ Totally turned my life around by simply changing my diet.”

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"The best money I have ever spent!"

— Nurse —

Nursery Nurse, Edinburgh-UK

"...I have suffered with arthritis for a few years now...4 months ago I had my first consultation with Dr Gregorio Torchia... and less than four months after my first consultation ... I am pretty much pain free..., my general health and well-being is so much better. I've lost weight, I have more energy, my skin is much more radiant.
Dr G is ... so passionate and knowledgeable, everything he says makes perfect sense. I can tell you, it's the best money I have ever spent!... don't take my word for it, give him a call, see for yourself!!!"

"saving my health, life and dignity. "

— Teacher —

Teacher, Edinburgh-UK

"Dr Gregorio has given me essential guidance and his extensive knowledge, experience, concern for my welfare, dedication to his work. As a Bio-Nutritional Therapist is bringing me through to much greater energy, repair and mobility. I feel it is no exaggeration to say Dr Gregorio has played a critical part in saving my health, life and dignity. His humble compassionate approach is a safe haven, his optimism a tonic to my healing process and my decision to progress to wellness, to not give up, that I am not alone, desolate and helpless. With support of this calibre - I can choose life"!

"made my life significantly better"

— Priest —

Priest, Edinburgh-UK

“I am pleased to say that thanks to the invaluable professional help of Dr Gregorio, after 8 months I reached my optimum status of health. With admirable dedication, he followed my progress and he encouraged me to a healthier lifestyle and healthier living.
I truly believe Dr Gregorio made my life significantly better.
I learned a lot from his help and I highly recommend Dr Gregorio if you want to heal your body in a natural way.”

"very happy,
you are changing my life"

— Social worker—

Social worker, Edinburgh-UK

" In general I am very very happy, you are changing my life.

I am feeling much better in all ways, my brain is constantly very active.
I don't feel the tiredness how I use to feel before and even my back pains are so much better. Thank you!! "

"The best choice"

— Mother—

Mother, San Francisco-USA

“I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Gregorio few years ago because of my inability to carry a pregnancy to term. Strongly dedicated, Dr Gregorio designed a particular diet program for my case. I easily followed his nutritional recommendations and here I am at my third pregnancy. Dr Gregorio is currently the nutritional mentor of my children, following their grown-up progress. For his dedication, professionalism, enthusiasm, courtesy I consider Dr Gregorio the best choice for your well-being. Very Sincerely."

"how to respect my body"

— Manager—

Manager, San Francisco-USA

“He taught me how to respect my body eating the proper food. Dr Gregorio didn’t restrict my eating habits and the recipes are very easy to prepare. I have never considered so easy to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner and yummy snacks for whole my family even with my full time job. Dr Gregorio, my daughters, and myself decided all together the ingredients, but my girls picked the names of the daily menus. I personally recommended Dr. Gregorio to many friends of mine and to my friend’s husband, who recovered from a terrible health problem."

"my energy levels are much better"

— Psychologist —

Psychologist, Ireland

" Since I went on the diet my energy levels are much better. I can now keep up with my wife when we go on a walk. If I forgot something and I was sitting down I would be very reluctant to get up and get it, now I have no problem. Before going on this diet I would not do anything after supper but now I work around the house doing bit and bobs."

"compassion and dedication"

— Physician —

Physician, Los Angeles-USA

“Professionalism, sincerity, compassion and dedication to his clients are the most relevant characteristic of Dr Gregorio.

As the utmost professional nutritionist, I have personally recommended Dr Gregorio to many of my patients.

I have found Dr Gregorio to be extremely knowledgeable. His nutritional therapies fit very well with many different medicinal protocols.”