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Thursday Talk Event: “Don’t Drain your Brain, just feed it!”

Yesterday, NutriPanda was delighted to host another Thursday Talk Event! “Don’t Drain your Brain, just feed it!” was the topic of Dr. Gregorio’s talk in which he explained the most important aspects of brain functioning and the influence of single nutrients, as well as food products, on our brains. Food, a source of natural ingredients, is the key to making your life significantly better: this includes empowering your cognition and brain power.

The influence of valuable nutrients and food products on the brain was discussed,  including  Vitamins C, D, omega 3 fatty acids, pulses, coffee and many more extremely useful nutrients. We also talked about the negative aspects of lifestyle and diet that may be harmful for our bodies and brains – stress, obesity, inflammation, oxidation. The complex reactions occurring in our bodies can be influenced with the correct food components and simple everyday habits that may change your life for the better. Oxygen, glucose and fat keep your brain working, but it’s necessary to choose the right source of those components to maximise the positive impact.

Thank you everybody for coming and having a great evening with us! Hope to see you soon on our next events!

Have a great weekend,

edinburgh nutrition Team

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