Nutripanda’s Caring Professionals

We are a professional, committed and passionate team united in the belief that food is central to achieving optimum well-being.

We combine epidemiological, nutritional expertise with clinical studies and a passion to improve our clients’ lives.

To make sure we are at the forefront of emerging science, we participate in global conferences and ground-breaking studies so we can continue to refine our approaches to provide the best quality service to our clients, and importantly…everything we do is personalised to you, for you and we are by your side throughout the process providing on-going support and mentorship.


Dr Gregorio Torchia MSc PhD

Dr Gregorio is a world leading expert in Bio-Nutritional therapy and nutrition consultancies. Dedicated to his science studies, Dr Gregorio first studied at “La Sapienza” University of Rome, where he excelled in his Master in Science and achieved his specialty in Physiopathology and after that he studied at the University of Aberdeen where he obtained his second Master in Clinical Nutrition.
He worked as a junior researcher on major projects with the Physiology and Pharmacology Department of “La Sapienza”, in collaboration with the University of California.

After receiving his PhD from “La Sapienza”, he chose to focus on alternative and complementary Medicine, specifically relating to the area of food as a provider of medicinal benefits. Dr Gregorio’s expertise grew through studying Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey and Clinical Nutrition at the University of Aberdeen.
Member of The Nutrition Society, American Nutrition Association, British Nutrition Foundation and the International Society for Immuno-nutrition Gregorio is currently the senior Clinical Nutrition Consultant and scientific director of Edinburgh office. Gregorio’s attention to detail and his interest in nutrition led to him being involved in different ground-breaking studies and different courses such as:
• The anti-inflammatory diet (University of Arizona, Integrative Medicine).
• Nutrition and Cardiovascular Health (University of Arizona, Integrative Medicine).
• Nutrition and Cancer (University of Arizona, Integrative Medicine).
• Principles of Nutritional Science (University of Surrey, Health and Medical Science).
• Nutritional aspects of Pregnancy, Infancy and Childhood (University of Surrey, Health and Medical Science).
• Principles of Applied Nutrition and Epidemiology (University of Surrey, Health and Medical Science).
• Diet, the Gut, Food Allergy and Intolerance (University of Surrey, Health and Medical Science).

Dr Gregorio has attended conferences, lectures and workshops all over the globe including:

• 11th ISIN Conference on ImmunoNutrition in Health and Disease, 2018 London, UK.
• Nutrition Winter School 2018: Breaking Barriers: Gut, Brain, Bugs – beyond. Levi, Finland.
• 16th International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference 2016 Prague, Czech Republic with an oral presentation “The Key Role of Nutritional Treatments in the Management of Metabolic Syndrome.”
• 15th International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference 2015 Prague, Czech Republic.
• Nutrition at key life stages, new findings 2015 Cork. Ireland.
• 9th Annual Nutrition & Health Conference 2012 Boston, USA.
• 8th Annual Nutrition & Health Conference 2011 San Francisco, USA.
• 7th Annual Nutrition & Health Conference 2010. Atlanta, USA.
• International Conference on Traditional Foods, ICTF 2010 Puducherry, India.
• 19th International Congress of Nutrition 2009, Bangkok, Thailand.
• 10th European Nutrition Conference July 2007 Paris, France.
• 5th International Conference on ‘Nutrition and Aging’ “Nutritional Problems by Life Stages” 2007 Tokyo, Japan.
• 4th International Conference on ‘Nutrition and Aging’ “Science for Health Promotion”, 2003 Tokyo, Japan.

Magdalena Mandat

Magdalena Mandat is a Master Engineer in Food Science having studied Food Technology and Human Nutrition at Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, with her final dissertationThe Antioxidant activity of different plant sprouts. Magdalena achieved her specialty in the fruit and vegetables field. Sharing the whole area of her expertise Magdalena is embarking on further qualifications in Nutrition-Dietetics and healthy life style coaching. Magda attended the 16th International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference 2016 Prague, Czech Republic.

Agata Coceicao

Agata Coceicao is a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, registered with BANT and CNHC. Her original experience revolved around general health support through Nutritional guidance at fitness centres, holistic clinics and nursery schools in Portugal and Angola. Agata’s main interest lies in healing from the inside out through food. Her belief in the power of Nature and interest in Ancient and Traditional Medicine made her enrol on a Naturopathic nutrition Diploma with the College of Naturopathic Medicine. Currently Agata is embarking on an MSc in Performance Nutrition with Middlesex University and a Diploma with the International Society of Sports Nutrition, with the aim of acting as a Functional Performance Nutritionist.