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“Rather than try the rest GO TO THE BEST”

When you come to see us at Nutripanda we will address your health concerns by creating a Personalised And Nutritional Dietary Approach that suits your body’s requirements and lifestyle. A tailor-made diet can reduce chronic symptoms and boost well-being.

The following testimonial was published on Google and it gives us great pleasure to reproduce it here.

“I first went to see Gregorio as after I arrived back from holiday I was admitted to hospital with stones in the kidneys. I was also grossly overweight with high blood pressure and real problems with the joints in my knees. After my first consultation with Gregorio he told me which I also agreed with, that I would need to completely change my lifestyle. Now after receiving and following Gregoria’s wonderful diet sheets I can’t believe the change in myself. I have lost over a stone in weight, my blood pressure is now spot on and I am now able to do things at the gym I haven’t been able to do in years due to having no more joint pain. I can’t speak highly enough about this man, I feel as if he has given me my life back and would recommend him to anyone who wants to get their life back on track. Rather than try the rest go to the best. Thank you Gregorio”.

Stay in touch with Nutripanda, follow our articles and personal stories about how nutrition can help you.

Or if you would like to discuss any health concerns with us then book a FREE Pre-Consultation.

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