Weight Loss in Edinburgh

weight lossOn a general weight loss programme a drastic calorie reduction, food group exclusion and short-term dieting can increase the levels of toxins in your bloodstream and affect a wide range of biological processes (e.g. interfere with liver and kidney function, insulin action and release).

Our experts understand the metabolic processes that underpin nutrition, allowing us to devise enjoyable meal plans that aid weight loss without depriving the body of the important fuels it needs or increasing the level of toxins in your system.

Every overweight person should consider losing excess weight. If you are looking for a weight loss programme with healthy food in Edinburgh we are the right answer. A dietician or nutritionist can give you general recommendations which are not always perfectly indicated for your case. There is no universal diet for all people who want to lose weight because everyone is different. We all have different genes, body type, metabolism, gender and food tolerance.

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Your Weight Loss Programme?

Our nutrition experts will tailor a specific weight loss programme to fit perfectly with your individual biological factors as well as with your lifestyle and eating habits: a simple and safe way to lose weight without stress, with fun and healthy food. Be patient and never give up is our first recommendation because only slow weight loss does not bring harm to your health. Any challenges you may encounter, we will be there to support you step by step guiding you to the right choice.

Obesity can highly be associated with food allergy and food intolerance. Those are also becoming big challenges nowadays due to multiple factors, from a stressed and rushed lifestyle to different chemicals used in the food chain factory which might interact with your immune system and/or counteract with the physiological mechanism of digestion and absorption of nutrients. Epidemiological studies confirm the number of people affected by food allergy and food intolerance is rapidly increasing mostly in the Western countries due to an increase in obesity.

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