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Ciao for Now 🎄

Time for festive fun and a little feet-up….

We are practicing what we preach and are taking some time out over Christmas to recharge after a busy and challenging year.

At Nutripanda, we are passionate about what we do and our 24/7 service allows us little spare time, but we wouldn’t have it any other way as we become personally invested in every client.

We know it’s not just dietary change that will get you on your feet but putting the correct fuel in your tank is the key to your journey. We suggest you start with that and see where 2022 takes you!

Not everyone is able to address their health concerns as they have far more pressing needs to deal with, so with that in mind we continue to donate to various local food banks at Christmas. Giving to others is at the heart of our ethos.

If you can, we would encourage you to ask the family and friends you will be spending Christmas Day with to contribute something to the table. It could be a time saver dish like red cabbage, a favourite biscuit recipe or seasonal soup. It’s a lovely way to share a feast, bringing people together with food they have made (and bonus, it’s less for one person to do!). If you are struggling for ideas see our Christmas Truffle recipe.

Meantime, Ciao for Now and we wish you much Festive Cheer and a Healthy New Year!


Nutripanda Team

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