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Our leading nutritionist Dr Gregorio Torchia speaking at a nutrition and diet event

Nutritional Talks

for You, Businesses, Corporations and Communities


At Nutripanda we provide more than expert consultations, we also offer opportunities to debate topical dietary issues and to learn new cooking techniques in a relaxed atmosphere.


We want to develop a culture and community united in a common understanding that good food creates a great quality of life. Anyone and everyone are welcome at our talks and events.


We have been privileged to give several talks as part of Wellbeing days hosted by The City of Edinburgh Council and Fife College. In addition to this, we have enjoyed being part of IKEA's in-house Wellbeing days, offering 121 appointments to staff to discuss their health concerns. 

What can you do for your business?

Just book a bespoke talk and 1to1 appointments for your employees. For more info contact us.

Some of the Businesses we have worked with

We've spoken at IKEA about diets and nutrition
We've spoken at Fife College Wellbeing Festival
We've spoken at Edinburgh Council about Diets and Nutrition

“The lecture was outstanding on all fronts content compelling and superb delivery… helping the audience to understand the theory and science underpinning the work.”

 - Professor, University of Durham & Oxford

“Dr Gregorio Torchia is very knowledgeable Nutritionist. He did a talk on two yoga retreats that I run and everyone found him very entertaining and the talk very informative...”

 - A five-star Google review Yoga Teacher, Edinburgh

Upcoming Talks

Age doesn’t matter unless you’re cheese


Live longer, healthier and happy with a proper “anti-ageing” nutritional support. Food and diet are essentials, to boost your immunity, improve your gut and reinforce your cognitive performance.

The Right Colour of your Food for your Health


Nature offers a variety of colours: Green, Yellow, Red, Brown, Purple, White… Different colours, different energy, different biomedical properties. Choosing the right colour of your food is not an option but it’s an important rule to preserve your body from illness… Selecting the right colour of your food and combining with practical nutritional tips we are able to please of the pharmacological power of food. If you look better the real pharmacy isn’t at the corner but in your kitchen.

Time’s up: Detox Yourself!


The contamination of this world poses a potentially serious hazard to human health.

The water you drink, the vegetables you eat and the air you breathe are only few examples of possible vehicles of dangerous toxins. Come and learn how to prevent the intoxications and few tricks how to detox your body.

Fight the Winter Blues


Food can support your immune system in multiple ways and therefore the correct food is essential to fight Fever, Flu, Cold, Sore Throat, Allergy, Asthma, Lung Problems, Sore Muscles, Rheumatic Pain and the list goes on… Learn how to make your own remedies to boost your immune system, kill viruses and bacteria using foods and natural ingredients.

Be Happy On A Happy Diet!


All you need is love! But how about chocolate, red wine, grapes, cheese and more?…. Your happiness depends on your diet. Foods and their combination can modulate some neurotransmitters and promote your happiness. Join our talk and be happy!

Obesity puts your life in danger


Obesity can dramatically increase your risk of developing other serious disorders such as stroke, diabetes, ictus cancer and more… We will learn about metabolism and discuss the natural healing strategies for your weight management.

Sugar Friend or Foe?


Healthy Sugar… a contradiction in terms? Learn everything you need to know about sugar. What to do and What to Avoid. Arm Yourself with useful scientific information.

Food & Cancer: Promoter or Killer?


Develop your interest in what you eat, since Science shows many links between diet and cancer. The way you preserve, combine and cook your Food might reduce or increase the risks of developing this condition, considered the 21st century plague.

Healthy Cooking Time!


Peeling, cutting, washing, boiling, frying, steaming… are all important determinants that will affect the active compounds and nutrients that you will absorb from your meals. Come to discover what to do in your kitchen, to optimise your well-being.

Don’t Drain Your Brain — Feed It!


The pharmacological power of food can improve the efficiency of your Brain and your Mind as an essential path to the effective care of your memory, attention, reasoning, association, learning, language skills and calculation performance…

Moody, Gloomy, Stressed out? Your natural way out with Food


The medicinal benefits of foods and your gut functionality can positively affect the physiology of your brain and mind, interfering with the synthesis and modulation of some neurotransmitters, essentials for a healthy mind status. Reach your happiness with food. 

All of Women’s problems begin with MEN…


Menopause can come with a few problems like mood swings, hot flushes, night sweats, osteoporosis and such more. Learn how the interplay between food, precision nutrition and the hormonal changes can improve the quality of life of a woman in menopause. 

Previous Talks

'Using Nutrition to Optimise your Skin’
The Wellbeing Event,
'The Key Role of Nutritional Treatments in the Management of Metabolic Syndrome’

International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference, Prague
‘Eating for Energy and
Creating Wellness,
Dr Gregorio Torchia working with Aesthetica Clinic at an event about diets and nutrition

Nutripanda were delighted to take part in “The Wellbeing Event” thanks to Dr Liliana of Aesthetica Clinic for the invitation.


We were joined at the event by other Edinburgh based health and wellbeing partners. It was a great opportunity for professionals from the areas of nutrition, dermatology, exercise and relaxation to come together and share their expertise.


There was lots of advice and information about how to age well through diet, exercise and aesthetic treatments. Dr Gregorio gave an informative talk about how to use nutrition to optimise skin quality.

Dr Gregorio Torchia talking in Prague about diets and nutrition

“The Key Role of Nutritional Treatments in the Management of Metabolic Syndrome” was the oral presentation by our clinical nutrition expert Dr Gregorio at 16th International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference in Prague. The talk outlined our scientific approach that we use with clients at Nutripanda.


The conference in Prague was a great opportunity for Dr Gregorio and Magda to learn and share their work’s experience with other colleagues from all over the world.  Dr Gregorio’s lecture received fantastic feedback and encouraged animated discussion and brainstorming among the international conference delegates.

Dr Gregorio Torchia talking about dietician and nutritionist work

Thanks to Dr. Paul Homoky for inviting us to present at this event held in the unique surroundings of Dynamic Earth. We appreciated the opportunity to meet so many other health and wellbeing experts and share our combined knowledge.


Dr Gregorio’s talk on “Eating for Energy and Performance” went down a storm. Each speaker gave an inspiring talk on their area of expertise, equipping participants with the tools needed to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life.

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Our healthy cooking club in Edinburgh, focused on nutrition and diets

Join our Healthy Cooking Club

From the shop to the dining room! We will buy ingredients, prepare and cook them together.

The food will always be excellent because it will be fresh and home cooked.

The recipes will be chosen specifically to bring out the best from each ingredient, whilst maximising the health benefit to all of us.

This group will allow us to share quick easy methods of preparing the best fresh food available seasonally in Edinburgh.

Suddenly keeping a healthy lifestyle becomes so much easier and enjoyable.

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