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food allergy test plus environmental allergy test edinburgh

Food Allergy Test plus Environmental Allergy Test

We offer a gold standard food allergy test coupled with an environmental allergy test based on the NHS CAP scoring system.


It is a finger prick blood test assessing 23 foods like milk, wheat, soy, some meat like pork and beef, some nuts, peanuts, some fish and shellfish like salmon and crab, and a few fruit and veg. We also assess for 19 environmental allergies that include cat and dog dander, house dust mites, black mould, many tree and grass pollens, pollens, birch, rye and ragweed etc.  


This environmental allergy test will enrich the information about your reactions to foods as some individuals might be prone to a cross-reactivity allergy syndrome.

It is a quantitative analysis with reactivity values of Immunoglobulin E (IgE).   IgE are antibodies produced by the plasma cells or your immune system. If you have an allergy to a specific allergen, your immune system will overreact to the present of that specific allergen by producing IgE. These antibodies will confer a specific signal or infection or inflammation causing symptoms in the nose, lungs, throat, or on the skin.


If you suffer from a food allergy, your immune system overreacts to a specific protein found in that food or in similar foods from the same category. Sometimes just a tiny amount of the food can trigger reactions.  The latter can be different in different individuals.


The presence of IgE antibodies is only an indication that you may be allergic to a particular allergen. This is not a definitive diagnosis on its own as reactions will only show up on the test if you have been exposed to the allergen previously. Results must always be considered in conjunction with clinical symptoms.


If you have been previously advised of an allergy but your Food and Environmental Allergy Test results do not show a positive result you MUST continue to avoid the known cause of the allergy. If you know that you have a bad reaction to a particular food then DO NOT eat it.


Take control of your health and book our Food & Environmental Allergy Test today.


Please note this test is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding or under age 4.


How does it work?


Come along to our practice in Edinburgh. We will need 10 minutes of your time to collect the sample via a finger prick blood test. The results will be available in approximately a week’s time.


Buy your test and we will contact you to book the appointment for sample collection.


How much does it cost?


£ 250

This fee includes a 1-hour session with our Nutritional Consultant, Dr Gregorio Torchia to discuss the results and to offer you general dietary recommendations.

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