What we Believe:

Natural foods can provide medicinal benefits.
You can eat yourself to better health by promoting
your body’s natural healing power.

We are What we Eat and We are Unique!

Our genetic make-up predetermines our body’s response to the pharmacological properties of foods. This means we are all unique and the only way to achieve optimal nutritional health is with a personalised diet, tailored to your body and nutritional needs.

Our Holistic Aim:

To target the cause rather than symptoms 
of your health problems through 
personalized dietary planning.

Why Us!

Everything we do is science-based & personalized to you. We are a professional, committed and passionate team, at the forefront of emerging science so we can continue to refine our practices and provide the best quality service to our clients.

Areas of Practice

Chronic Fatigue; Weight Loss; Food Intolerances;
Bowel Disorders; Skin problems;
Anxiety & Mood Disorders;
Menopause; Hormone Imbalances;
Diabetes; Heart Problems; and more…
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What People Say

“Changed my life!”
“My sense of well-being and vitality
have improved enormously!”
“Taught me how to respect my body”

“Played a critical part in saving my
health, life and dignity.”
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Talks & Events

Join us for our monthly educational talks:
“Fight the Winter Blues”
“Time is up: Detox Yourself”
“Don’t Drain Your Brain – Feed it!”
Come along to our healthy cooking club:
learn how to prepare nutritious and delicious
meals in a relaxed, friendly and welcoming environment
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Free Pre-Consultation

A cost- and commitment-free 45-minute
appointment to help us evaluate how our
world-leading nutritionist can best
support your health and well-being.

Contact us to book an appointment with a Nutritionist:
+44(0)131 467 2024
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What We Do

Nutritional Consultations, Body Analysis & Diets… 

Food Intolerance, Homocysteine, DNA Fitness Test,  Lipid Panel, Vitamin D & …


Your Nutritionist in Edinburgh

A nutritionist knows how nutrients are essential for all body processes, from combating infection to repairing tissue, to our healthy brain functioning, thoughts, emotions and mood. Individual nutrients differ in form, function and the amount…

COVID Update

Due to the current Covid pandemic we have started to offer limited appointments face-to-face. It is possible to do a video consultation first, if you prefer or if you are in a vulnerable category. Please book for a free telephone consultation if you would like to discuss options with one of our practitioners. Our main priority is to keep you safe while we transition into this period. Our reception is unfortunately not open to the public but you can email or call us.