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Baby Food! You are what your Grandmother Ate

Updated: Jul 17

Baby food? If you are wondering what is the best food for your baby, you need to know that the prenatal ovarian development and maturation of your baby are correlated with the mother’s diet all the way back to the grandmother’s diet.

How fascinating is this? Your grandmother’s diet may influence oocyte development. When we say the power of food this is just an example.

Confirmed by recent scientific evidence, for positive pregnancy outcome, women need to avoid being overweight and obese. Modest weight loss can reduce the risk of miscarriage.

That’s why we always point out the importance of well-balanced body composition in our clients who are expecting. We then carefully tailor a personalised diet plan, targeting the mother and baby’s needs.

The organogenesis during the first few weeks require important nutrients such folic acid, essential to avoid neural tube defects.

We can call kale a baby food because it is rich in folic acid.

As general guideline, we advice pregnant woman to take a supplementation of 600 micrograms a day from two months before conception.

But if you think about how important what you do in your kitchen is, remember to boil your potatoes, peas and onions if you want to optimize the absorption of folate.

A smoothie with kale can be a good option if you are too lazy to cook but remember to wash your fruit and veggies properly especially during pregnancy in order to reduce any microbiological hazard.

Speaking of which, raw eggs and soft cheese are definitely not on the list of baby food because of possible contaminations.

Low iron in pregnant women has been associated with preterm birth. So please make sure you add some red meat every now and again in order to boost your iron reserve.

Last but not least, fish rich in long chain fatty acids are essential for fetal brain development.

As you might gather, the subject is very complicated and science always comes up with with new information every day.

Please seek advice from your practitioner or call & book a Free Pre-Consultation with us.

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