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Falafel & Red Cabbage Salad

Updated: Jan 19

If you need inspiration for a quick lunch that is also healthy and easy to make then try red cabbage salad.

red cabbage salad

The process of standing up and preparing food in the kitchen is a welcome, necessary and mindful break after a morning spent at a desk. We add falafel which is an easy to buy protein base.

Easter is coming up and a perfect time for some falafel. It originated in Egypt and was eaten by Copts as a replacement for meat during Lent. Most have a chickpea base but we have tried many varieties including beetroot and kale ones.

Red cabbage is a gift to your health as the purple colour denotes high contents of anthocyanins and powerful antioxidants compounds that have been shown to slow cancer cell proliferation, kill already formed cancer cells and stop the formation of new cancer growths in animal studies.

Falafel & Red Cabbage salad:

1 x packet falafel (note most shop bought contain wheat)

1 x organic carrot

1 x red cabbage

A handful of sultanas

Homemade dressing (olive oil, apple cider or fig vinegar, garlic, mustard)

Warm up your choice of falafel for about 10 minutes in the oven. Meantime make a bowl of hearty salad adding one grated carrot, some finely sliced red cabbage, a handful of sultanas and any fresh herbs that you have.

Top with our French dressing recipe and finish with a spritz of our delicious fig vinegar that we import directly from León in Spain and available at our Food Boutique. Scatter with any fresh herbs and enjoy with a cup of peppermint tea.

See our blog on best food for your brain to understand more about why the colour in red cabbage is important.

Should you wish to speak to our experts about any health concerns please contact us to book a FREE pre-consultation.

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