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Fight the Winter Blues - Recipes for Fever, Cough and Lung issues

Updated: Jan 22

Nutripanda hosted a series of ‘Fight the Winter Blues’ talks in our Food Boutique. These included recipes that are full of natural goodness.

fight the winter blues

Dr Gregorio hosted this informative evening in November 2019 despite returning from a trip to Italy late the night before! He arrived back in Edinburgh laden down with amazing food from his Papa’s smallholding where everything is homemade or hand prepared. His hoard included jars of olives and sundried tomatoes, olive oil, polenta, prosciutto and Papa’s special marmalade.

Gregorio practices his own ‘food as medicine’ ethos and we learnt some amazing tips about how to fight the winter blues and combat the inevitable bugs by using herbs and spices and the importance of the colour of our food.

As well as hearing how to prevent illness we now have a bank of remedies to aid recovery from bronchitis, infection, insomnia, lung issues and rheumatic pain should we be unlucky enough to experience any of them.

You might want to try these recipes and let us know what you think.

A Fever Remedy recipe:

Ingredients: Pasta, onion, courgette, olives, garlic, red wine, tomato passata, chilli powder, parsley and olive oil.

Pan fry plenty of chopped white onion over a low flame in a film of olive oil. When golden, add plenty of chopped courgette, chopped green olives and two cloves of garlic (previously chopped and left on the chopping board for at least 15 minutes). Keep stirring, add a spritz of red wine and plenty of tomato passata. Garnish with a dust of chilli powder and let it rest with the lid on.

Meantime cook a plate of your favourite pasta, in plenty of unsalted boiling water until “al dente”. Add the pasta to the pan and mix all ingredients together, then finish with fresh, chopped parsley and a film of olive oil.

A remedy for Insomnia, Cough pain and Lung problems:

Ingredients: Lemon, cloves, tart cherry, red wine, cinnamon, thyme, honey.

Stick the heads of 5-8 cloves into the skin of an organic lemon and leave for 30 minutes. Mix ½ glass of red wine and ½ glass of tart cherry and bring to boil over a low flame. When lemon is ready, peel and add the skin to the liquid. Switch off the flame, add a dust of thyme and cinnamon and let it rest for few minutes with the lid on. Finish with 1 teaspoon of honey, keep stirring and drink it while still warm.

We also suggest you try our Chicken Noodle Soup for a perfect pick-me-up and

if you think you may have an infection or inflammation please browse our website for more information here.

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