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Fighting Cancer Series – bless figs

Updated: Feb 9

Could fighting cancer be as easy as taking a bite of a delicious toast smothered with figs?


Or what about rubbing ripe figs over your favourite bread, with a drizzle of honey? Making them into a compote And maybe adding sliced fresh figs to your green salad?

Figs have been widely consumed in the Middle East for centuries where they are known as a symbol of longevity. A recent scientific study in China has backed up their reputation for ensuring a long life span. The study shows that, in addition to their already long list of health benefits, figs contain a strong anti-cancer agent.

When figs are cut at the stem they exude a thick, milky substance called fig latex. The study shows that fig latex has a strong anti-cancer effect on liver and brain cancers. The latex is able to disrupt the way cancer cells multiply, and may be able to destroy cancerous cells at up to three times the normal rate.

Additionally, it seems that fig latex targets cancer cells but leaves normal cells alone.

In short, it seems that figs have a two-pronged approach to fighting cancer: they might prevent cancer by halting uncontrolled cell growth and be able to speed up the death of cells once they have become cancerous.

Figs are just one fruit in the wide range of foods that play a part in cancer prevention. To maximise the health benefit of your diet, you need to incorporate a wide range of vitamins and minerals into your daily routine. Nutritional science can help identify the best dietary approach for you in order to prevent and fight cancer.

Fig Vinegar

Figs can be tricky to find in the shops out of season so check out our popular Fig Vinegar sold in our Food Boutique. It is a powerful detoxifier and we add it to many diet plans as it has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties.

To find out more about our Fighting Cancer Series, stay tuned to our Newsletter.

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