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“I wish I came to Gregorio years ago”

Updated: Mar 12

Wishing they had seen Gregorio years ago, is a common refrain by many of our clients who put up with debilitating symptoms for far too long.

gregorio nutritionist edinburgh

We are here to help our clients overcome their health concerns by using a personalised and nutritional dietary approach. A tailor-made diet might reduce chronic symptoms and boost well-being.

This testimonial was posted on Google and it gives us great pleasure to reproduce it here.

“I wish I came to Gregorio years ago – I’m only 2 months into my diet with Gregorio but feel physically better than I’ve ever felt in the last 10 years. Gregorio offers a unique service that is completely tailored to you, which makes it vastly different than any other nutritionist I’ve consulted. It is truly an investment in yourself, but also a smart financial move. It has saved me a lot of money that I would have wasted on unhelpful supplements, treatments and foods. Don’t go anywhere else!”

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