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Food Intolerance Test

Updated: Mar 27

It’s amazing how life changing a simple Food Intolerance Test can be!

food intolerance test

Having an intolerance to certain foods can cause a host of gut and skin symptoms such as bloating, cramps, wind, diarrhoea, skin rashes, hives and eczema. It can also contribute to less obvious symptoms like migraines, mood disorders and chronic fatigue.

Unlike a food allergy when the effects are more immediate, with a food intolerance it can take hours or days to manifest.

The number of people who have a food intolerance has risen dramatically over the years, not helped with the increase in environmental toxins, anxiety and stress which all affect the gut.

If you are wondering if your symptoms may be related to a food intolerance, then come along to our clinic in Edinburgh for a test.

We provide a gold standard Food Intolerance Test to assess the effects of more than 200 food ingredients on important inflammatory markers (immunoglobulin, IG). Unlike other tests on the market, we measure all four subtypes of food-specific IgG (1-4) compared to some which test only for IgG4. This is important as it ensures all of the different food-specific IgG reactions are detected.

The test will take 10 minutes of your time to collect the sample by a fingertip blood prick and the results will be available in approximately a week’s time.

Our fee includes a 1-hour session with our Nutritional Consultant, Dr Gregorio Torchia to discuss the results of your food intolerance test and to offer you general dietary recommendations.

We think this could be a life changing decision for you but don’t just take our word for it - see our testimonials like this one:

If you have one of the classic diseases of civilisation or a serious condition like obesity, allergies or food intolerances – Dr Torchia will be able to help you change your eating lifestyle and improve your well-being and long-term health

We always recommend that you book our FREE pre-consultation first so our expert Nutritional Consultant can assess your health concerns and make an informed decision about any testing.

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