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Food triggers for Migraine Headaches

Updated: Mar 25

Migraines are debilitating headaches that can make life miserable for sufferers. And, as well as the discomfort, sufferers often limit their diets, believing there can be some food triggers for migraine headaches.

food triggers for migraine headaches

Some foods thought to aggravate or trigger migraine symptoms are chocolate, caffeine, citrus fruit, cheese and alcohol.

However, migraine sufferers do not all follow the same rules. People with food intolerances or food allergies may get migraines if they eat foods that they are either intolerant or allergic to but not everyone shares the same intolerances. So, when headaches occur, people can miss out both on enjoyment of life and on certain food by guessing their triggers.

It can be the foods containing certain amino acids which trigger migraines.

However, to alleviate and help manage migraine symptoms, there are many foods to be enjoyed and included as a way to help combat painful migraines.

It is important to eat food that will keep blood sugar levels steady as a drop in blood sugar levels may lead to migraines. So, eating regular and frequent light meals will help this.

Food to ease migraine:

Magnesium–rich food can be helpful for migraine sufferers, particularly those that occur around the time of women’s menstrual cycles. These include whole grains, nuts, dried fruit, quinoa, sweet potatoes and sunflower seeds.

Oily fish, like salmon and mackerel, are good due to their natural anti- inflammatory properties.

Ginger tea may help those suffering nausea,

It is extremely important not to miss out on food that is beneficial for you. The causes of and food triggers for migraine headaches will differ in every one of us. If migraine sufferers do need to avoid certain food, it is crucial that the nutrients from missed out food are replaced by eating food more suited to the individual’s body.

At Nutripanda we offer allergy tests which include environmental and food allergy tests and food intolerance test and a bespoke diet created to suit your individual, health-enhancing needs.

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