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“Nutripanda will transform your life for the better!”

Updated: Mar 25

“I've lost weight, increased energy, and mood, changed my entire perception and knowledge of food…” Nutripanda Client testimonial.

Nutripanda will transform your life

We were very lucky to work with this lovely client last year and she has left this wonderful review on Google. We feel it sums up how we work and what we can do when we work together.

In my early 20s I contracted Legionella, which left my body with numerous underlying health problems. I visited my GP several times over the years to no avail. After one particularly bad year causing me to be admitted to hospital 7 times for unexplained infections, my mum suggested the route of a nutritionist. We came across Nutripanda online, where Gregorio has fantastic google reviews. I went for the free 30 minute consultation to get an idea of the process where everything was explained, and once I decided to go ahead G looked into my lifestyle, family history, food likes and dislikes and moulded our food plan around it - including the intolerance tests I went for. He has supported me from day one throughout the whole process from eliminating to reintroduction and has phenomenal knowledge of his field and how it can affect you as his patient. I definitely sacrificed a lot of home comfort foods and was concerned that cravings would kick in - but everything he suggested I ate and when I ate, meant none of that happened. Once getting into a routine, the benefits overwhelm any concerns about missing out on a takeaway! Since starting the process with Gregorio in Jan 2020, everything has changed for me. I've lost weight, increased energy, and mood, changed my entire perception and knowledge of food, I know what my triggers are if I start to feel unwell again. All I would say is, if you have got to the point where nothing else seems to work and you're completely motivated to change your bad habits, then Gregorio is the man for you. Nutripanda will transform your life for the better!

If you would like to book a free pre-consultation to address your health concerns please get in touch.

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