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Dr Torchia and his team have saved my life.

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Dr Torchia and his team have saved my life

We think this review speaks for itself but the part that struck us was that our client had what he thought was a ‘perfect’ diet. Yet it was those choices that didn’t suit his particular system, highlighting the need for a personalised diet plan for every individual.

We have LOVED working with this fabulous client and his lovely wife and we are really sorry not to see them regularly now they are on the straight and narrow! But for now this is what he had to say…

It is with profound gratitude that I am writing this review.

After multiple attempts to find out about the real causes of my degrading physical health, which had resulted in a terrible weight loss, I was, let’s say, intuitively guided to reach out for a professional Nutritionist.

When browsing online, the NUTRIPANDA CLINIC website attracted my attention. I immediately subscribed to the free Pre-Consultation as mentioned there.

At that consultation I felt the good vibes and professionalism of Dr Torchia, appreciating his easy way to explain metabolic process mechanisms, his friendly and family orientated approach. I sensed he was the one to save me.

After a year of personal diet program tailored by Dr Torchia and which he strictly recommended to follow, and regular visits to assess the improvement of my health, I must say that I have acquired deeper knowledge of the functioning of my body and awareness of my multiple food intolerances, some of which had started decades ago. I have also partly overcome some of them, while others are on the way to say goodbye to. Dr Torchia merits my positive and honest review. He has resurrected me from my physical health misery.

I had lost up to 10kg when I contacted Nutripanda. Now I am gradually gaining weight. I also sleep better at night and my mood has improved. I wish you could see how happy I am, this big smile on my face, while writing this.

I am back to eating almost everything that I had been intolerant to, bearing in mind that I have to be very careful with some products. This is the basis of my improvement. How could I know that my food intolerance to oat, wheat, lettuce, banana…were hidden in my ‘perfect, healthy’ physical, dietary lifestyle.

I cannot stress enough how professional and friendly the Nutripanda team is. I am happy to recommend Nutripanda to anyone having metabolic issues etc…

Dr Torchia and his team have saved my life.

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