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“Nutripanda has made a Massive Positive Impact…”

Updated: Mar 12

At Nutripanda we are delighted to have a 'massive positive impact' on our client's health by using a personalised and nutritional dietary approach.

massive positive impact nutritionist edinburgh

The following testimonial was published on our Facebook page and it gives us great pleasure to reproduce it here.

“Gregorio at Nutripanda has made a massive positive impact on the lives of myself and my wife over the last couple of years, showing us a clear path to health through the maze of food that surrounds us. Gregorio is a master at providing the necessary support that is required to back up his advice, recommendations and programme of new dietary guidelines. Thoroughly recommended!.”

Stay in touch with Nutripanda and follow our articles and personal stories about how nutrition can help you.

Meantime you can read more about Dr Gregorio Torchia's scientific background and wealth of experience and expertise.

Or indeed, if you would like to discuss anything further with us please contact us to book a completely FREE Pre-Consultation.

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