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Improve Your Memory with Gym Shoes

Updated: Feb 13

If you think it’s time to improve your memory then you better start doing more exercise!

improve your memory

Gradual and progressive memory decline is often one of the earliest hallmarks in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease.

Science is currently investigating possible correlations between exercise, memory and other cognitive functions.

The Indonesia Study of Elderly’s Memory Impairment and Associated Risk Factors includes 719 participants from the age of 52 from different ethnic backgrounds. This study is currently in progress, but preliminary data confirms a strong association with exercise and memory improvement.

Furthermore, similar ongoing studies in China, Netherlands, UK and USA are investigating if the combination of doing exercise and eating fruit might reduce the risk of dementia and improve your memory performance.

Likewise, a few observational studies have shown a reduced risk of dementia in people who exercise. With similar data from the US and other countries, the Indonesia study found that older people who engaged in sports had halved their risk of dementia.

In particular, they found that increasing muscle strength by resistance band exercises 2–3 times/week for 20–30 min improved memory function. (Reference 1).

Exercise can lower blood pressure, total cholesterol and visceral fat and improve immune and lung function. Besides this, it can also improve cerebral blood flow and promote outgrowth of nerve cells which allows brain cells to communicate better.

But as well as exercise, diet is of course the most important lifestyle factor that interferes with the rate of cognitive decline in the elderly.

In a nutshell combining exercise with a healthy diet could improve your memory.

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