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Tips to Lose Weight

Updated: Mar 25

If you want to lose weight then please take it slowly so it does not harm your health.

lose weight

Adopting healthy eating and physical activity will help you to get in shape. This may take a while because your body needs time to adjust to a new shape. Some people, after changing their lifestyles for a healthy one, put on weight at the beginning. This happens because taking away excess fat and carbohydrates from the diet, triggers your body to save up energy. Usually, this state does not last long, so do not worry and keep going.

There is no miracle diet that yields a long-lasting effect. Some diets are based on giving up some of the nutrients that are very important for good health. These diets are really harmful for our general health and even our lives.

There is no universal diet for all people who want to lose weight, because everyone is different. We all have different genes, body type, metabolism, gender and food intolerances. We have differing ages and occupations which determine our energy needs.

If you want to lose weight, you should take in less calories to your body than you consume. Never eat less than your Basal Metabolic Rate: doing so, might be very dangerous for your health or even life. See our blog on Weight Loss to understand more.

A highly obese person should lose weight under the care of a doctor or dietitian because his/her body does not work the same way as a slim person’s body. Slow healthy weight loss is essential to become fit and healthy.

Do not treat weight loss like a trial but as a challenge that you happily meet.

Calories can be provided in many different ways. Try to compose your meals in a way so that large volumes of food give you less calories. Vegetables will help you with that. They are low in calories, filling and rich in valuable vitamins and minerals.

Avoid taking quasi-drugs and medicines that are supposed to help you to slim down – this does more harm than good.

If your diet is good and healthy and you are still overweight, maybe you should see your doctor. Tests may show, for example, hypothyroidism which can slow down metabolism, sometimes leading to weight gain.

Should you wish advice tailored specifically to you then please get in touch with us at Nutripanda. We offer a FREE 45 minute consultation.

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