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Lower the risk of Heart Disease with Antioxidants

Updated: Mar 21

The bountiful benefits and the importance of antioxidants in the Mediterranean diet are the focus of scientific studies.

heart disease and antioxidants

Studies analyse how oxidative stress can cause inflammation which can lead to heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer and other inflammatory conditions.

They also describe how antioxidants in our diet protect us from oxidative stress damage.

Heart attacks and strokes can occur when the body is under attack from oxidative stress. Excess free radicals (oxidative stress) attack the cardiovascular system. Heart attacks and strokes can then occur.

Our heart health can be helped greatly by the food we eat if our diet provides the antioxidants to tackle inflammation.

What makes the Mediterranean diet good for our heart?

The Mediterranean Diet and virgin olive oil have high levels of antioxidants which are anti – inflammatory and can lower the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

Scientific studies conclude the best diet for preventing heart disease should include:

  • Fruit and Veg, packed full of carotenoids and vitamins appear to reduce the risk of cardiovascular and other diseases. Carrots, squash, kale, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe melons, tomatoes and red cabbage all contain carotenoids.

  • Curcumin in turmeric have been found to reduce pain, slow down inflammation and regulate blood sugar levels.

  • Good quality cocoa and soy are good sources of flavonoids. Ongoing studies are analysing how cocoa and soy may reduce cardiovascular disease for some people.

  • Red wine (in moderation!) contains flavonoid antioxidants. Flavonoid antioxidants may reduce heart disease and cancer.

  • Whole grains and nuts (especially walnuts).

  • Choose Fish especially salmon or sardines instead of red or processed meat.

  • Extra Virgin olive oil – check out the amazing oils we import from Spain.

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