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Milk – You’ll have ‘herd’ it’s Good for You

Updated: Jan 23

Milk is the first food available to babies, rich in everything healthy including stem cells.


Nature makes milk’s wholesome nutritional properties available to mothers right after delivering their child. See our blog on breastfeeding for more information.

Meantime, in picturesque Scotland…

On a cold Autumn day, we went scouting the beautiful Scottish countryside and found ourselves at Knockraich Farm in Stirlingshire. A lovely, peaceful environment, where the dairy products were divine.

Best served ‘friesian’

We could taste the full nutritional properties of their milk simply by sipping it and were able to appreciate the care that this local farm is giving to their dairy products. The dairy products of Knockraich Farm are so tasty because they are pasteurised but non-homogenized, this means that the cream settles to the top, giving it a greater taste.

Did you know that approximately 87.4% of milk is just water? Water is essential for biological functions so no water, no life. The remaining 3.7% of the solid constituent is fat which when non-homogenized, becomes more palatable.

In addition, breed of cow, the interval of milking, stages of milking, lactation period, season, weather, feed, age and temperature are only a few known factors that will influence the constituents of milk.

As an average, 2.8% of casein and 0.6% of whey are the protein constituents of milk. Calcium and its “brother & sister” minerals are 0.7% of milk. And the 4.8 % remaining is only disaccharide lactose. Speaking of which, 24-28 g/l of total casein and 2-4 g of B-lactoglobulin are the major factors responsible for immunological reaction in your body.

Tasty and nutritional as it is, dairy is one of the main intolerances that we see in our clinic. Though bear in mind that milk intolerance and lactose intolerance are different. Read more on our previous article about lactose intolerance versus milk allergy.

If you think you might have an allergy or an intolerance book a Food Intolerance Test with us today!

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