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Breakfast like a King

Updated: Feb 9

Most of us have heard the saying “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”. It is an old saying in many countries but is still valid nowadays as emerging science backs this adage with research.

breakfast like a king

In a clinical trial conducted at Tel Aviv University, 29 adults who had both obesity and type 2 diabetes were randomly assigned to two different weight loss diets containing 1,500-1,800 calories. One group, the “breakfast group,” ate three meals daily with a large breakfast, containing 38g protein, mostly from milk and dairy products, a medium-size lunch and a small dinner with distribution of calories: breakfast 44%, lunch 37% and dinner 19%. The other group ate the diet distributed among six small meals throughout the day.

At the end of the three-month study, the people in the breakfast group lost a little more than 11 pounds while the other group gained about a half a pound per person, on average. Those in the breakfast group also had a significantly greater drop in their blood glucose levels during and after the end of the study. It would appear that when you eat and how frequently you eat is as important as what you eat and how many calories you eat.

So how do you eat breakfast like a king? Eating protein at breakfast can help you feel satisfied and less hungry later in the day, so here are some quick breakfast ideas:

Oats are full of fibre and whole grains but add protein-packed ingredients like nuts and seeds e.g. milled flax seeds and plant based milk or yoghurt and top with berries. Or try adding 2 tbsp of peanut butter, 1 tsp dark cacao powder, and 1/2 banana.

Fish is an excellent source of protein and the healthy omega-3 fatty acids can help everything from your skin to your brain. Try smoked salmon or tinned sardines on a slice of whole grain toast, sourdough or pumpernickel.

Eggs are so versatile and can be boiled, scrambled or poached quickly and served with whole-grain toast. A quick and easy favourite is Banana Omelette. Beat an egg in a bowl, mash half a banana in with it and pan fry the mixture in pancake dollops a little coconut oil. Eat as is or you can serve with bacon, honey or berries if you are needing a little extra boost.

At Nutripanda, we understand that one diet doesn’t suit all so we carefully create a personalised diet plan that fits with your specific physiological needs and life habits.

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