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"I feel better than I have in my entire life"

Updated: Apr 8

We exist to help our clients feel better by overcoming their health problems by diet and nutrition. Tailor-made diet can reduce chronic symptoms and boost well-being.

feel better

The following testimonial was published on Google and it gives us great pleasure to reproduce it here.

“I have chronic pancreatitis. Before I came to Dr Torchia I was moments from having to get signed off work. The NHS weren’t able to help me and I had almost accepted that I would live out my, most likely shortened, life in pain or heavily medicated.

I had painstakingly researched ways to live with pancreatitis but nothing was working. Dr Torchia listened to my story, put together a plan for me and I went from having acute attacks, every 2 weeks, to no pain at all. Not only do I feel better than I have in my entire life (I’m not young), but I started running and, in a week, I was able to run 5 miles.

Dr Torchia is first and foremost a first rate scientist and his knowledge of the human body and the significance of the right nutrition is second to none. He doesn’t just give you a load of supplements like other nutritionists I spoke to. He understands that each person has a unique physiology and requires a unique approach.

I hate to imagine where I would be today without the help of Dr Torchia. I can’t recommend him highly enough, especially to anyone suffering from pancreatitis.”

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