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Anti-Ageing Diet

Updated: Mar 6

Ageing is inevitable, but ill health is not. Choosing the right anti-ageing diet for your individual needs is key.

anti-ageing diet

Good nutrition can keep health problems at bay for decades and can even extend your life span. As we age, we metabolise food differently. Digestion takes longer and food can lose some of its taste.

Losing weight is harder, and the pounds seem to pile back on more easily. But even small tweaks in your diet can keep you fit and fabulous into your later years.

The first anti-ageing diet tweak is the simplest: drink more water.  Headaches, fatigue and constipation are often caused by lack of water. Every cell in your body needs water to function properly, so pack a water bottle in your bag, and ensure you drink from it regularly. Water helps plump up your skin, so staying hydrated will keep you looking younger.

Another easy tweak is to increase your intake of extra fibre will lower your blood pressure, reduce your cholesterol and help establish healthy bowel habits. Fibre is found in fruit, wholegrain cereals and wholemeal bread. Simple changes such as choosing brown rice instead of white, and eating whole oranges rather than drinking orange juice, can make a huge difference to how healthy you are into your later years. Fibre also keeps blood sugar at an even level so it can stave off illnesses that come with ageing such as Type 2 diabetes and chronic inflammation.

A super-simple tasty tweak is to go nuts for nuts. From pecans to pistachios, nuts are packed with minerals that ensure healthy ageing. A handful of mixed nuts a day is an easy way to get hard-to-obtain trace minerals such as selenium, copper and zinc. And nuts contain omega-3 to boost the immune system – which is particularly helpful in winter.

Coughs and colds are harder to throw off as you get older, and can lead to respiratory problems, so a strong immune system is vital to staying well.

And the good news about getting older…?

It turns out that red wine, in moderation, can help your body age well. It contains compounds that can lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and prevent blood clots. Limit your consumption to one small glass of wine a day, with at least two alcohol-free days a week – but if you can’t avoid ageing, at least you can enjoy it!

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